Explanation of L-word

A romantic life will depend on how couple forms. Probably… i will not be explaining this romance thing or..whatever, the thing is that the most unexpected turn in life comes when people fall in  love. True, that its not as easy and creative as it looks in those well written fantasies or like k-dramas.. but, seriously you really never will believe it, I mean, seriously, I feel still confused between the two L-words: love and like. The point is to disclose what is the variation that I understand being neither in love or liking. People say things that they understand throughout there boring (or maybe exciting) life.. and its good.. of course its a goddamn good thing but me as an teenager I would rather first explain what is this ‘liking’-

Firstly it would mean that it is some kind of socially appreciating a newly seen post by anonymous or familiar person because the post presents a particular emotional sense through the five senses of which one reacts to give a ‘Like’ which may also include my currently read blog as an firm example.This states that living a ‘like’ is not like ‘LIKE’ which is related to relationship stuffs. Liking is different than loving- this sentence often heard from the elders but most people don’t say anything just nodding their head. Seriously don’t think that one of them and also don’t agree that both are same. I’m kind of in between the both meaning what I understand from my perspective that never think any girl as an woman if you are under 18 seriously it will deadly affect you on your studies which also “effecting your health indirectly”…. Any way I’m gonna put this in a simple way if do think about love its gonna make feel curious and increase your desire-ness. Difference to the two L words-
1.has a lot of meanings so yeah a little confusing.
2.Denoted by thumbs up(👍).
3.Not exactly meaning full but it may occur at age of 15-19.
1.Has only two meanings-feelings;emotions(though only two but it is serious confusing)
2.Denoted by heart(❤)
3.This thing is not so easy to connect anyone..you immediately don’t feel it coming.
1. Both are made up of four words.
2. Both of it starts with L.
I’m gonna phrase this- “Never get involved”. I’m a newbie here and I guess this blog was not helpful at all because I don’t even know how to explain and I’m really bad at explaining. I mean I ain’t a professor…


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