Game deaths

The deaths in real life is far more pathetic and sobbing for the victims family (or maybe not) . But the deaths in the games are so goddamn realistic but not real at all. Okay, first of all what am blabbering about these game and realism stuffs? Well for some days it’s becoming a very much question that what is the difference between the deaths in the real world and the game deaths. Mainly my point is I’m not asking for a regular and simple answer like yeah the game deaths don’t affect our emotions and the real world deaths does .. or maybe the game deaths aren’t for real the characters either respawn again or a saved game reloads again and again and again until you cross the level or mission or whatever the fucking problem is.I… mean that I want a realistic-ly complex answer like ummm…Let’s say that the people that die in games are the people that makes sad to all the gamers and make them try harder so its sort of of morality that speaks, ” Ahoy there, you know what, just like you play this games again and again to cross the same level you also do the other works like this then you will really be a successful guy (or a girl)” . Whereas the real world deaths are like one timer, like there is no chance once they die… um.. sure it seems a little sympathetic but people forget..They start again in another way and when victims aren’t family to us anymore we mostly become least bothered about it. The game deaths are just some kind of preview (except some) of death. Let’s take Assassins Creed for example, you play for couple of hours and suddenly your character dies but what happens it’s actually the history that goes incorrectly hence a saved game reloads or may you start from your last checkpoint and imagine at that time, a household member probably just died in some kind of manner (i don’t mean it to any one of you so don’t take seriously, huh?) So these do you really think you go back in time and save him from that accident..That’s impossible unless there was an time machine or maybe some genie..I guess, well whatever I said what I wanted to and seriously don’t think about this blog while you are playing team fortress 2…


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