Effect on the invention of time machine

Goddamn thinking about time machine make us think what not? Separately if you think about dinosaurs or the roman era… it is a titanium or platinum discovery for the archeologists and the historians and what is the benifit for us? Well probably you can go back in days of your youth make all the wrongs right..ha that’d be firstly funny and secondly sad cuz that just explains that you are too much obsessed about your past well people throw old past in the dustbins o r maybe forget them like you forget to do your homeworks ( not meant for the guys who remembers that or maybe doesn’t wanna do) . We look for innovation of the future and the people who looks at your past just say “You people are way too much old fashioned” when we see that people modernised the cities i don’t feel that is good either because modernization is just a part of future and it also matters the nature but if destroyed to build modern houses then that’s nothing but colonization of the forest in to fucking a graded colonies..Time machine?? Does it seem that much tempting and what if you go and see in the future the whole earth is nothing but a dried and bruised apple left for days in a crate forgotten by everyone and eaten up by parasites or worms or whatever it is! Plus I’m going make it clear whats the first thing that can happen if they invent a time portal, first of all they will keep quiet for some centuries until a newbie discovers the old model and says “hey we already created it ” or maybe the scientists will keep on upgrading them until when the day comes when it becomes a common household ingredient like the smartphones are now (except some remote places). Now there’s two more thing to discuss that is, will the government allow to use it publicly or is it going to need an vvip access card or ID and secondly I will ask exactly three questions like Deadpool asked Cable about the future(is dubstep still a thing??) My questions are-

1. Do we settle in mars?
2. Is there any antidote or vaccine to the HIV virus?
3. What kind of graphics does GTA X feature?
Lastly I will be explaining the thesis of new generation or the features of it.. The superstitions or the Satanic beliefs has a chance of degeneration and the emergence of virtual technology will take over the gaming or console industries producing the latest and highest innovation.. PS7 will become like a house gaming console for everyone as it may have the lowest price of all PS products. The lowest salary of the world maybe 15.90B dollars. We may have connection with the universal characters better known as alien beings meaning “from other celestial bodies” Religions may increase or decrease depending on how it is developing and if there is the slightest chance of unforseen high tech environmental education courses everywhere, the people will really make the dumb-ass socites ‘smart-ass’..

analog clock sketch in black surface
Seems like standby… 😉



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