Happy hell

Normally when Satan sleeps the world sleeps in peace and when they wake up, the world suffers. More importantly it is not just because of some illegal tactics that Satan makes evil spirits active but it seems more like Satan is bound to do it. Pathways are definitely the “cause” as I describe them, the secrecy of the war or the sanity of a spy ,both are considered crucial but is it that easy to spot the wounds on an invisible body? Everyone hates the hell (maybe someone does not) but what is the main criteria of those hatred? Is it that, everyone hates it because they rely on the concept of the hot lava flowing, or the 15cm long twisted horns of the red gargoyles.. it is just assumed by birth that hell is the worst place after death and that most sinful only go there.. well has anyone seen it yet that believe this? If by birth anyone has the right to speculate every thing why don’t we speculate the universal mysteries themselves rather relying on science projects. I believe what if hell is a better place than heaven or maybe it could be actually or maybe also there maybe nothing as hell which puts me as an atheist.


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