“Next Sunday”, she said… (Part I)

By next Sunday she said she would come, but i didn’t even examined what was the planning. I’ve never dated before and so this is going to be my first time. Its bit awkward for me already because it was not that easy to understand people for me like the others can. I cannot think like normal people because i possess an ability which has always put me in several difficulties in my entire life of 24 years. I read people’s mind unnecessarily whenever i look at their eyes. For example, in a subway train, there was guy wearing black t-shirt and a baggy jeans looking straight at me. Yeah, kind of like a cat sees you. He was thinking of pick pocketing my phone and so i took it out and gave it to him and said quietly,”here you go.. i have another one so you can take it!” The problem is that he ran away from me the moment a station came by. This is how people act towards me. Yes, I get it that people get excited about it but by now this kind of reaction has became a history book for me (HISTORY BOOKS ARE REALLY REALLY BORING TO READ, SO SORRY!).


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