“Next Sunday”, she said.. (Part II)

Today’s Saturday. I still don’t know if she would come tomorrow or not. This is all because of that sun glass that was covering her eyes. She had a smiling expression on her face last i saw her walking away. I met her in a silly way too. It was the day I went to a bookstore and met my colleague, Samuel Love. We graduated together. He was the only friend I had. I still remember him sitting in a tub and talking in German accent. His father was German originally. Anyway we laughed and talked for a long time about our old days. I asked him of his current career. He said, “a trainee at a law firm”. He asked me the same question and i stayed quiet. He understood it in a glimpse. That day we drank beer and went to a karaoke. After singing a lot of songs (harshly), he sent me off in a taxi. But I was so drunk that I bumped on her(the girl who became my date) and a awkward thing took place which I don’t remember at all (since i was drunk). Next morning when I woke up, I recognized I was in bed and she was sleeping on my room mate’s mattress. I was like “WTF!!!!!”


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