“Next Sunday”, she said.. (Part III)

“I’m your new room mate.”, she said quite excitedly. Before I could read her mind, I noticed something strange in her. The moment I looked at her blue eyes I thought she just talked to me through her thinking “Joy, I’m Joy. Nice to meet you.”. For a time being there was silence, I was like “what just happened?”. And, with respect to my question, she immediately responded ,”Your are Ginger, right? I think last night, you drank a lot, you were cute though. First wash up, I will go after you’re done.” Joy took up her watch and exited the room. I was perplexed about whats going on? That day the apartment manager said,” She’s pretty but strange, isn’t she? Well that doesn’t count on the rent though… anyway, I will hope that you two get along.” Two months passed. Like her name, she always talks with a lot of joy and enthusiasm She talks very casually with me like she had known me for years. She works as a intern in a building. When I come home, she usually talks to me and after dinner we chat for some time and then we go to sleep in our separate beds. BUT one fine day a bizarre thing happened. “What” you ask? Well that night when I came home, she welcomed me very sweetly and after we ate dinner and when I was going to chat with her for a minute, she turned her back towards me. I didn’t understand her expression, so I asked, “Whats going on?” She was silent for a minute and then looked at me and she asked me something which tilted my brain upside down and I was like “whaaaaat?????”


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