“Next Sunday”, she said..(Part IV)

The coffee was cooling down with the present atmosphere. Inspired of the candlelight hanging from the fakes, I wanted to write a epic of the scene. That night, Joy looked at me and then outside the glass window and sighed. I was imagining about what could be reason to ask me to move. I drank the last bit of drop in the mug, washed it and took out my journal, though I knew that I would not note anything. I opened a blank page, and watched it until I fell asleep. At the end of the month, I found a job at a law firm. “PEANUT’S LAW FIRM”. “hmm…auspicious name”, I thought,”Well it doesn’t count.” That very day when I came back I couldn’t find Joy, they said that she left after paying the rent. Next day I met Joy at a Chinese restaurant. I asked her that about her sudden leave without notice. She said, “I told you to move to another place but you didn’t, hence I had to. I need to find someone. After that I can make it out of the danger. I will explain everything later.” Before she would exit the place she turned and said, “Don’t die, Ginger.”


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