“Next Sunday”, she said.. (Part V)

It is not just any premonition that drive someone to say something which is meaningless. Why would I die? It doesn’t make any sense to give reaction like that, unless it was something I am not aware of. That day when I came home after work, before I could enter my room, the servants gestured me something which I did not understand. I thought maybe they were trying to pull some pranks on me, hence I smiled a bit. And that very smile swung to become my terrified face when I opened the door. The strangers inside looked and yelled, “Catch him!!” Before one of them could point his gun, I ran away immediately. I took the stairs cause some of us renters knew about a secret exit through the second floor of the building. I knew it would work, but unfortunately I failed as I going slip away through the black box-like tunnel, I was knocked out by something flat hit on my head. All that I knew before going blacked out was that it was woman who hit me. When my brain came to sense and I opened my eyes I found my self in a small storage house. It was a bit dark so at first I couldn’t see anything properly. I could not well make it out that where or why I was there. And then was the turn in story that made me realize why my life is like this as I saw Joy beside my lying on the floor the same way I was…


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