Stalker at night (EP1)

The hanging lights were still like stone… until a fast wind through the aisle blew past it. Osaka was penning the vivid face of the sunset garden, in his notes. Surprisingly, he realized that the pen wouldn’t write unless it ‘drank’ some ink. He shouted, “Aamili, bring me the ink pot kept on the left side of the wooden bench in the study!” .The person immediately didn’t summon but appeared after three more calls. She brought the blue ink pot and then went back to her bed room. She just returned home yesterday, full of exhaustion. When Osaka made her an orange juice, she drank it in no less than a second. Then she took out her golden shiny medal and presented it before her father. Osaka noticing it, nodded his head up and down and made a squeaky sound from his nose with a large “Hmph…” . The girl said excitedly, “Fifth one!” continuing, “and the last one is yet left”. She then took her bag and was about to approach her room when her father said holding her ear, “First, wash up and then do what you want to do.”. Disappointing, but she still took the towel and approached the restroom. That night she didn’t eat much and went to bed early and slept until the clock struck 12 noon,  the next day. While Osaka filled the pen, the doorbell rang. The mail man gave Osaka a letter, paid a respect by bending down and saying, “No sir, the sender’s name is blank.” as Osaka inquired about the blue enveloped letter. He came inside with it and sat on sofa, tearing the envelope and took out the letter. The moment his eye fell on the big letters in bold, his countenance became pale and he felt cold sweat on his back, and at once he stood up and shouted, “Aamili, get the luggage ready! We need get out of here as fast as we can!”.


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