Stalker at night (EP1)

The hanging lights were still like stone… until a fast wind through the aisle blew past it. Osaka was penning the vivid face of the sunset garden, in his notes. Surprisingly, he realized that the pen wouldn’t write unless it ‘drank’ some ink. He shouted, “Aamili, bring me the ink pot kept on the left side of the wooden bench in the study!” .The person immediately didn’t summon but appeared after three more calls. She brought the blue ink pot and then went back to her bed room. She just returned home yesterday, full of exhaustion. When Osaka made her an orange juice, she drank it in no less than a second. Then she took out her golden shiny medal and presented it before her father. Osaka noticing it, nodded his head up and down and made a squeaky sound from his nose with a large “Hmph…” . The girl said excitedly, “Fifth one!” continuing, “and the last one is yet left”. She then took her bag and was about to approach her room when her father said holding her ear, “First, wash up and then do what you want to do.”. Disappointing, but she still took the towel and approached the restroom. That night she didn’t eat much and went to bed early and slept until the clock struck 12 noon,  the next day. While Osaka filled the pen, the doorbell rang. The mail man gave Osaka a letter, paid a respect by bending down and saying, “No sir, the sender’s name is blank.” as Osaka inquired about the blue enveloped letter. He came inside with it and sat on sofa, tearing the envelope and took out the letter. The moment his eye fell on the big letters in bold, his countenance became pale and he felt cold sweat on his back, and at once he stood up and shouted, “Aamili, get the luggage ready! We need get out of here as fast as we can!”.


“Next Sunday”, she said.. (Part V)

It is not just any premonition that drive someone to say something which is meaningless. Why would I die? It doesn’t make any sense to give reaction like that, unless it was something I am not aware of. That day when I came home after work, before I could enter my room, the servants gestured me something which I did not understand. I thought maybe they were trying to pull some pranks on me, hence I smiled a bit. And that very smile swung to become my terrified face when I opened the door. The strangers inside looked and yelled, “Catch him!!” Before one of them could point his gun, I ran away immediately. I took the stairs cause some of us renters knew about a secret exit through the second floor of the building. I knew it would work, but unfortunately I failed as I going slip away through the black box-like tunnel, I was knocked out by something flat hit on my head. All that I knew before going blacked out was that it was woman who hit me. When my brain came to sense and I opened my eyes I found my self in a small storage house. It was a bit dark so at first I couldn’t see anything properly. I could not well make it out that where or why I was there. And then was the turn in story that made me realize why my life is like this as I saw Joy beside my lying on the floor the same way I was…

“Next Sunday”, she said..(Part IV)

The coffee was cooling down with the present atmosphere. Inspired of the candlelight hanging from the fakes, I wanted to write a epic of the scene. That night, Joy looked at me and then outside the glass window and sighed. I was imagining about what could be reason to ask me to move. I drank the last bit of drop in the mug, washed it and took out my journal, though I knew that I would not note anything. I opened a blank page, and watched it until I fell asleep. At the end of the month, I found a job at a law firm. “PEANUT’S LAW FIRM”. “hmm…auspicious name”, I thought,”Well it doesn’t count.” That very day when I came back I couldn’t find Joy, they said that she left after paying the rent. Next day I met Joy at a Chinese restaurant. I asked her that about her sudden leave without notice. She said, “I told you to move to another place but you didn’t, hence I had to. I need to find someone. After that I can make it out of the danger. I will explain everything later.” Before she would exit the place she turned and said, “Don’t die, Ginger.”

“Next Sunday”, she said.. (Part III)

“I’m your new room mate.”, she said quite excitedly. Before I could read her mind, I noticed something strange in her. The moment I looked at her blue eyes I thought she just talked to me through her thinking “Joy, I’m Joy. Nice to meet you.”. For a time being there was silence, I was like “what just happened?”. And, with respect to my question, she immediately responded ,”Your are Ginger, right? I think last night, you drank a lot, you were cute though. First wash up, I will go after you’re done.” Joy took up her watch and exited the room. I was perplexed about whats going on? That day the apartment manager said,” She’s pretty but strange, isn’t she? Well that doesn’t count on the rent though… anyway, I will hope that you two get along.” Two months passed. Like her name, she always talks with a lot of joy and enthusiasm She talks very casually with me like she had known me for years. She works as a intern in a building. When I come home, she usually talks to me and after dinner we chat for some time and then we go to sleep in our separate beds. BUT one fine day a bizarre thing happened. “What” you ask? Well that night when I came home, she welcomed me very sweetly and after we ate dinner and when I was going to chat with her for a minute, she turned her back towards me. I didn’t understand her expression, so I asked, “Whats going on?” She was silent for a minute and then looked at me and she asked me something which tilted my brain upside down and I was like “whaaaaat?????”

“Next Sunday”, she said.. (Part II)

Today’s Saturday. I still don’t know if she would come tomorrow or not. This is all because of that sun glass that was covering her eyes. She had a smiling expression on her face last i saw her walking away. I met her in a silly way too. It was the day I went to a bookstore and met my colleague, Samuel Love. We graduated together. He was the only friend I had. I still remember him sitting in a tub and talking in German accent. His father was German originally. Anyway we laughed and talked for a long time about our old days. I asked him of his current career. He said, “a trainee at a law firm”. He asked me the same question and i stayed quiet. He understood it in a glimpse. That day we drank beer and went to a karaoke. After singing a lot of songs (harshly), he sent me off in a taxi. But I was so drunk that I bumped on her(the girl who became my date) and a awkward thing took place which I don’t remember at all (since i was drunk). Next morning when I woke up, I recognized I was in bed and she was sleeping on my room mate’s mattress. I was like “WTF!!!!!”

“Next Sunday”, she said… (Part I)

By next Sunday she said she would come, but i didn’t even examined what was the planning. I’ve never dated before and so this is going to be my first time. Its bit awkward for me already because it was not that easy to understand people for me like the others can. I cannot think like normal people because i possess an ability which has always put me in several difficulties in my entire life of 24 years. I read people’s mind unnecessarily whenever i look at their eyes. For example, in a subway train, there was guy wearing black t-shirt and a baggy jeans looking straight at me. Yeah, kind of like a cat sees you. He was thinking of pick pocketing my phone and so i took it out and gave it to him and said quietly,”here you go.. i have another one so you can take it!” The problem is that he ran away from me the moment a station came by. This is how people act towards me. Yes, I get it that people get excited about it but by now this kind of reaction has became a history book for me (HISTORY BOOKS ARE REALLY REALLY BORING TO READ, SO SORRY!).

Happy hell

Normally when Satan sleeps the world sleeps in peace and when they wake up, the world suffers. More importantly it is not just because of some illegal tactics that Satan makes evil spirits active but it seems more like Satan is bound to do it. Pathways are definitely the “cause” as I describe them, the secrecy of the war or the sanity of a spy ,both are considered crucial but is it that easy to spot the wounds on an invisible body? Everyone hates the hell (maybe someone does not) but what is the main criteria of those hatred? Is it that, everyone hates it because they rely on the concept of the hot lava flowing, or the 15cm long twisted horns of the red gargoyles.. it is just assumed by birth that hell is the worst place after death and that most sinful only go there.. well has anyone seen it yet that believe this? If by birth anyone has the right to speculate every thing why don’t we speculate the universal mysteries themselves rather relying on science projects. I believe what if hell is a better place than heaven or maybe it could be actually or maybe also there maybe nothing as hell which puts me as an atheist.